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Welcome to Martabak Bangka Aliung



From a humble beginning to a multi-billion dollar enterprise... haha just kidding!

It started with a kind family friend who offered to teach our chef Olivia how to make her favourite sweet treat, martabak manis (also known as terang bulan by the Surabayans). In June 2013, Martabak Bangka Aliung Melbourne opened for business  :)

A very special thanks to our dad who believed in us and encouraged us to start this business. We would also like to thank our family, friends / guinea-pigs (you know who you are!) and lovely customers for your valuable feedbacks which help us to keep improving our products and service.

We believe the best tasting food contains the best tasting ingredients. At Martabak Bangka Aliung Melbourne, we only use the very best and authentic ingredients. We hope you enjoy our martabak as much as we enjoy making them for you  :)

  • Hallo ci! ADUH! Bener bener enak banget! Ga sanggup! Langsung abis setengah! Temen aku juga bilang enak pakek banget! Bakal pesen lagi nih ci, pasti!! hahaha


  • Mbak, martabaknya euanak bgt...Abis within 5 mins hehehe...Anak2 pada suka, pad mau lage heheeh..Nanti kalau ke daeah west lage bilang2 yach

    Anggia Patiroi

  • Hello, The martabak was very good. The choc and peanuts are just like what I had in Indo. I really love the pandan with cheese..Never had them before. They are fantastic and I will get them again.

    Maria Serre

  • Just letting you know, ur martabak were a big hit at my baby shower! :) especially the cheese filling one..

    Tika Jordyn Sean

  • Martabak Aliung - literally the best martabak I've ever had in Melbourne! The closest one to the one in Indo! Yumyum!

    Eunice Pranoto

  • Thank your for the martabak.. very yummy!!! :) Cant stop munching on it.. hehe.. Pandan with Cheese topping and Nutella + Toblerone Martabak are definitely my new favourites.. Will definitely order again soon.. Happy tummy..

    Jennifer Angeliqa

  • OMG!!! Thanks so much...finally my Martabak craving is fulfilled!! Definitely the best Martabak. Loved every bit of it. Sure, I would definitely recommend you to all my friends. It’s true when they say it’s Melbourne’s best Martabak!!

    Sisca Reeves-Lacaza

  • Hello Yence, Thank you martabaknya kemarin. Gotta say. It was definitely the best. All the rave about your martabak is definitely true. Even my daughter yg br 1.5taon demen banget, minta tambah terus :)

    Lorene Flo

  • Thanks for the lovely martabak ... It's sooooo deliciousss ..this was my first order but hopefully I can order more in the future .. i live in Burnside Heights, so pretty far. My son & my hubby just ate all without waiting for me :)

    Felicia Suandar

  • Hallo We loved it :) I don't know if I can give u any valuable feedback coz we just loved it!

    Phey Shan

  • omg... Yence & Olivia.. itu martabak enak banget!!! first bite langsung food orgasm! the best in melbourne! thank you for making a very delicious martabak! looking forward to buying from you again! :D

    Audrey Leo

  • Hi Yence, It is safe to say that your martabak is the best in Melbourne! It's a real deal.. so authentic and yummoo. Will definitely order it again pretty soon :)

    Marcella Johan

  • Enak banget martabaknya, kemarin baru pertama kali coba. Wangi, terus ga keras, tapi juga ada bagian yang crispy2 nya di pinggir. Plus ga eneg juga biarpun dimakan sendiri hehe. Will definitely order again soon :)

    Michael Reza Aulia



Saturday, 3rd March'18 @ MITCHAM
Sunday,4th March'18 (11:30AM) @ MELBOURNE CENTRAL